Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why InterPlay?

By Jennifer Denning, Director, Atlanta InterPlay

Much, much, gratitude to InterPlay leader, Coke Tani, for allowing me to share this poem she has written which so beautifully articulates the gift of InterPlay. 

InterPlay helps me to re-gather myself-
in beauty and grief, in love and body-
inspiring me to share with others in ways I feel most meant to.
InterPlay does this for me in a broader culture that has trained me,
as a Sansei woman, to be anyone except myself.
InterPlay invites me back to my senses.
It makes me want to be me.
It reminds me that life is the dance partner of my dreams,
perpetually inviting me, uncompromisingly as I am,
onto the floor- the floor that accepts
my passion and rage, my aching questions,
most convoluted, crooked humanity, my awkward laughter,
my long held tears.
On any InterPlay floor, I am received and clarified, felt and heard,
unraveled, realigned and then pointed to the door.
For me, this floor is most like God.