Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 1st An International Day of InterPlay

Dear Friends,
As October winds down I'm thinking about how rich this month was with InterPlay.  It all started on October 1st with the International Day of InterPlay- a FUNdraiser.

We gathered at the Alternate Roots Office to celebrate InterPlay in Atlanta and across the world!

Jennifer, Christine & Ruth doing a side-by-side story to embody what Atlanta InterPlay has been working & playing with in our community!  

The SoulPrint Players, under the direction of Jennifer Denning, performed.  Here Vivian was the lead for a Foundation Decoration Song about doves/peace.

We had a "Hoopla!" to celebrate the recent Life Practice Graduates.  Karimah is dancing through the hoop!

We celebrated Al Lingo, 2016 Spirit of InterPlay Awardee!

Al telling us a big-body story about his Civil Rights work.

We connected via the internet with InterPlayers around the globe.  Here is Ruth excited to connect with Cynthia Winton-Henry, co-founder of InterPlay in Oakland, CA.

At the end of our celebration we went outside and participated in  a social action project coordinated by Ruth, Carolyn Renee and Callahan with the Red Sand Project to remember those who have fallen through the cracks with human trafficking, homelessness, etc. 

I'm so grateful for all of our guests that attended and played with us.  I want to give thanks to everyone who helped and supported this event especially my co-organizer Jennifer and Sharon who came and made the space beautiful! Thanks go to Alternate Roots for the use of their beautiful office and for granting us a Rhizome grant to help with food. Grateful for the money we raised that goes to support regional events including our upcoming leaders.  Thanks go to Dean Hess & Tony Martin for taking great pictures & Lachlan Brown for being out go-to tech support again this year.  And more than ever so full of gratitude for this beautiful community of Interplayers.  

In Peace & Play,


P.s. Click on the link to the video that shows more fun pictures!

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