Monday, April 3, 2017

Atlanta InterPlay April Newsletter- Gratitude!

Give InterPlay Day Thank you!

Thank you to the Atlanta InterPlay community and beyond for supporting InterPlay projects in Atlanta on Give InterPlay Day! This once a year online giving event is a great boost to local InterPlay communities. In Atlanta we are grateful to have support for our programming at The Atlanta Pretrial Detention Center and Trinity House (see more info about that program below.)

Week after week InterPlayers and participants find connection, joy, stress-relief, and pathways of meaningful self-expression in these programs. We know that positive ways forward can be found more clearly when the body and mind are at ease. Thank you for your financial support as well as your gifts of encouragement and affirmation on this path. It makes a difference.

The InterPlay Life Practice Program
Time to register! Starts April 21st!

Community support, Play, Body Wisdom tools and individual attention= a space to grow, know and be in new ways! 

2016 Life Practice, photo Ruth Schowalter
  • Decrease stress and increase ease.
  • Make wiser, more grounded decisions.
  • Thrive by getting body, mind, heart and spirit to all work together.
  • Discover your hidden resources.
The InterPlay Life Practice Program is an active, creative way to change your life and change your world. Immerse yourself in the system of InterPlay-ideas and practices that can move you from where you are to where you     would like to be. 

InterPlay Partnership with Trinity House

"This building used to be a place where they prepared the dead for burial. Now, it's a place where the 'dead' are reborn." 

- Charles W., Resident of Trinity House-Big Bethel
InterPlay Atlanta has begun to work with Trinity Community Ministries, an organization that houses a 36-bed residential recovery program called Trinity House, which responds to the growing needs of men experiencing
InterPlayers Carolyn Renee' and Ade Adifowose at Trinity House
 homelessness. We are proud to offer InterPlay as a resource to help these men return to their families, their communities, and ultimately, to a better life. Our hope is that through this partnership, InterPlay Atlanta will become an essential component of Trinity Community Ministries' mission to promote the sustainable independence of those faced with homelessness, which typically stems from addiction or other disabilities. 

Community Building for Georgia Environmental Group

InterPlay Atlanta went to the 2017 Adopt-A-Stream's Volunteer Conference in March to bring together in conversation and play AAS volunteers, trainers, community partners, students and educators from across Georgia. Certified InterPlay leader Ruth Schowalter co-led the Friday evening social with her scientist husband Tony Martin from Emory University. Participants babbled about their watersheds, water monitoring teams, spoke from the perspective of their streams, became water flowing, running, and stopping and more.