InterPlay Atlanta Testimonials: What Atlantans are saying about InterPlay

I love the mix of spontaneity in a guided, structured setting.  I really enjoyed making up stories, and it was inspiring to see how outlandish I could get!   -Sara Michelson, Waldorf trained early childhood educator

During a medium-sized movement activity, I told a story about a life-changing experience from a few years ago.  I had told the story to a few friends before, but it was different this time.  As I told the story to my partner, the words came out differently than they had in the past.  The movement aspect put me mentally in the physical setting of the original story, and I realized something that I never had before about the events of the tale. Funny thing is, the experience that I portrayed in the story has haunted me, inspired me, and most of all left me curious since it happened years ago.  After the InterPlay exercise, I realized why it was so significant.  
-Julie Galle Baggenstoss, flamenco dancer & educator

I love InterPlay. As an improv instructor, I have long known the joy of spontaneity and playful risk-taking. InterPlay's gentle core of honoring what my body wants to express in sound and movement leaves me deeply satisfied. I love the combinations of loud and soft, fast and slow, silly and serious. There's a wonderful wholeness to the experience. By the end of a session I have renewed my relationship to my self and happily bonded with my InterPlaymates.

 -Lesly Fredman, creativity coach & theatre director, teacher and performer

Every time I participate in interplay I am rejuvenated!  Jennifer facilitates an amazing play shop that connects you to your body's inner wisdom and to the other wonderful players. 
 -Christine Gautreaux,Licensed Master Social Worker, and InterPlay Leader-in-Training

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