Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Could Talk About

By Jennifer Denning, Director, Atlanta InterPlay

I could talk about some amazing
InterPlay Life Practice Program participants!

Those who’ve done InterPlay with me know one of my favorite forms is “I could talk about.” I often use it at the beginning of a session. We sit in the circle and introduce ourselves and say our name and something we could talk about.

Usually we go around the circle 3 plus times. There are so many things we could talk about: our lives are rich with experience. Sometimes it's difficult for me to listen when someone talks and talks and talks about something (I'm sure I'm sometimes the one talking too much myself...), but I could listen to people share what they could talk about forever.

I could talk about the tulips in bloom!

I could talk about being shy and loving structures that help me communicate.
I could talk about my deep curiosity about my fellow human beings.
I could talk about my desire to know and be known.

These little snippets of personal information are so intriguing to me. We learn so much about each other in this exercise.

I could talk about learning that sometimes a few words are just enough.
I could talk about the girls I teach through SynchronicityTheatre sharing themselves so easily through this exercise.
I could talk about creating connections.

I could talk about my sweet children.

Why do I teach InterPlay? I hunger for connections and play gets me connected. Having a stranger become known broadens my world, broadens my heart. It seems the more I connect with others, the more I connect with something essential about myself. InterPlay- what a beautiful gift to give myself, to offer my world.

What’s the path that you could talk about?


  1. Jennifer! Thank you so much for writing this post on "I could talk about"! I love this part of InterPlay. I feel so fortunate that you are here and leading InterPlay in Atlanta.

    1. And I am grateful for how you are diving into this play and sharing your gifts with our whole community!

  2. I like that you could and you did! Well done!

    1. Thank you Ellie! I could talk about how your artistry in the world continues to inspire me!

  3. Jennifer,
    I agree this form makes it easy to connect without being intimidating. The speaker has the choice to share/reveal as little or as much as they desire in one sentence. -Lynn

    1. Good point- yes, the freedom of what to reveal or not creates easy connections.

  4. What a beautiful description Jennifer of one of my favorite InterPlay forms. I used it last Friday at an Inclusive Voices luncheon where, as a table leader or conversationalist, my job was to get everyone at my table involved in the conversation. It worked to bring total strangers of different ages and races together, discovering their commonalities