Saturday, March 29, 2014

Second Saturday (March 2014): Exploring the circles of communities to which we belong

by Ruth Schowalter, Atlanta InterPlay social media facilitator
SECOND SATURDAY (MARCH 2014). Fifteen of us gathered at the Mask Center in the Little Five Points Community Center in Atlanta, Georgia, for 90 minutes of Atlanta InterPlay.  (photo by Callahan Pope McDonough)
Atlanta InterPlay met for its March 2014 Second Saturday play session.  Fifteen of us, including Atlanta InterPlay leader, Jennifer Denning, met at 10:00 am for 90 minutes of freeing movement and talk. 
WARMING UP. (photo by Ruth Schowalter)
The forms of InterPlay allow a way of being together that is "sneaky deep." Before you know it, you are talking about things that matter in new ways.

Today, Jennifer Denning had us "babble" about the small circles of friends or people that we belong to because of our special interests. She gave, for example, Prius owners who buy special cars because of their commitments to environmental conservation. After several opportunities of talking to different people about our inner circles, we got to speak about the times we penetrated a circle that we didn't belong to and the benefits we got from being involved and engaged in that "foreign" group.
TALKING IN PAIRS. (photo by Ruth Schowalter)
In InterPlay, when one person talks, the other person listens. And there are so many different fun ways to tell stories. Come to an InterPlay session in Atlanta on our Second Saturdays and experience this meaningful fun for yourself. 
AT THE END OF AN INTERPLAY SESSION. (photo by Ruth Schowalter)

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  1. Thank you Ruth- this post radiates the joy of willing players! I want to add that sometimes our small circles aren't of our choosing. For instance, I'm a part of a small circle of people who have a parent with Alzheimer's. That experience can connect me with others who are in larger circles that don't usually include me (large circles of race, religion, sexual-orientation, etc...). I'm thankful for the shared human experiences that help us find the overlaps in our circles!