Monday, November 3, 2014

25 Plus Ways to Play All Year: Celebrating InterPlay's 25th birthday from now to October 25th 2015

#6 of 25+ Ways to Play. "Put up your hand. Bless and connect with somebody through space." (photo by Ruth Schowalter)
by Ruth Schowalter, InterPlay Leader-in-Training

Happy Birthday InterPlay! What a wonderful celebration we InterPlayers had nation wide across the United States marking 25 years of InterPlay! Here in Atlanta, we enjoyed a warm sunny green space in Grant Park at InterPlayer Sharon Leverning's home (read about it here in a post Christine Gautreaux wrote).

Let's celebrate InterPlay all year, from now until October 25th, 2015 and see what happens! What way will you play to celebrate 25 years of InterPlay? No worries mate! Here's a beautiful fun list, "25 Plus Ways to Play for InterPlay's 25th Anniversary," created by InterPlay's very own co-founder, Cynthia Winton-Henry:
25 Ways to Play to Celebrate #interplay25! Guests who attended InterPlay Atlanta's 25 Years of InterPlay FUNdraiser received their very own copy on how to play and celebrate. (photo by Christine Gautreaux)

1.      Video 30 seconds of following and leading in your school or workplace!
2.      Hashtag all things InterPlay with #interplay25 to find other celebrations.
3.      Start a story chain to honor playful leading in your area.
4.       Dance on behalf of anything that’s hard to talk about. Consider it prayer.
5.      Walk stop and run as a meditation on the street.
6.      Put up your hand: bless and connect with someone through space.
7.      Take part in an IP stunt video in an iconic place. Send to to share on the 25th of any month.
8.      Speak in a made-up language on a conference call if asked how your day is.
9.      Post a pic with your flaps up on the InterPlay FB page.
10.   InterPlay with another species. Post on Facebook! (Interspecies InterPlay!)
11.   Attend a Wing It! Performance or plan your own performance celebration!
12.   Lead InterPlay at your favoritest place on Earth.
13.   Join the wing project. Make paper feathers and write how IP gave you wings. Mail to InterPlayce 2273 Telegraph, Oakland, Ca 94612.
14.   Collage or Paint on behalf of InterPlay. Post on the anniversary FB page.
15.   Love your body. Use the InterPlay warm-up before meditating.
16.   Post the weirdest places to InterPlay.
17.   Nominate celebrities who need InterPlay or may do it naturally.
18.   Shake out what you're sitting on– sitting is the new smoking!
19.   Walk backwards and say thank you in a crowded room.
21.   Sing fake opera to protest something that needs to change.
22.   Get 2+ people to do a Wheeee in a stressful moment!
23.   Blog about InterPlay. Link to the Facebook Page.
25.   Use your power of attraction. Say, "InterPlay rocks my world. Alas, since there’s no way to describe it, come play if you want to know me."
26.   Affirm someone magical, graceful, expressive, kind, or true.
27.   Add comments and photos to InterPlay’s FB page.
28.   Add your own ideas...and share with #interplay25
PLAYFULLY CELEBRATING #INTERPLAY25. Christine Gautreaux and I joyfully InterPlayed together the Thursday morning before Halloween in the Atlanta Botanical Garden. We walked, breathed, played, studied InterPlay (we are IntePlay leaders-in-training), and took these photographs to post. (photo by Atlanta Botanical Garden volunteer)
Christine Gautreaux and I have created our first playful celebration commemorating #interplay25 combining several of these: 3) dancing on behalf of (see my blog about this on Coffee with Hallelujah); 6) put up your hand and connect through space; 7)making a slideshow in an iconic place.

Here is our play photographed in the Atlanta Botanical Garden:

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  1. Wonderful Blog Ruth! I feel so lucky that I met you through Atlanta InterPlay and we get to have so much fun together my friend!!!