Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrating #InterPlay25

Dear friends,

Young InterPlayers who colored our welcome sign! (Photo by Ruth Schowalter)
At this time last week our Atlanta InterPlay community was in the midst of a great celebration!     

We gathered together in Sharon's beautiful backyard for the 25th Anniversary of InterPlay FUNdraiser.

The beautiful outdoor luncheon space. (Photo by Christine Gautreaux)
Over 25 people came together to connect, to play and to celebrate InterPlay in their lives.

Guests were greeted with over 25 ways to celebrate InterPlay (framed by +Hallelujah Truth ) and were able to take a copy home as a thank you gift.

Supplies to give us "wings!" (Photo by Christine Gautreaux)
We were all invited to play with the prompt, "InterPlay (or art) has given me wings too...." as part of a nationwide art project.

One of the feathers a guest created! (Photo by Christine Gautreaux)

We had a lovely and delicious lunch of fresh salad, homemade butternut squash soup, bread, olives, cheese and yummy chocolate and brownies for dessert!

Soyinka Rahim, a visiting InterPlay leader from Oakland, led us in the chant, "Thank you Love!" as we transitioned from lunch to the program.

Singing along with InterPlayers across the nation via the internet. (Photo byRuth Schowalter)
We were able to connect briefly with Oakland, CA where InterPlay was started by Phil Porter & Cynthia Winton-Henry!  We sang along as a bridge was built between the home office and regional InterPlay groups across the nation!

Circling up for some outdoor play time! (Photo by Tony Martin)

When we started having technical challenges we gathered outside to play in the beautiful sunshine!  Jennifer Denning, our Regional Interplay director, led us in some babbling and a hand to hand dance.
Jennifer being backed up by Lynn, Christine & Ruth! (Photo by Tony Martin)

The program concluded with a Gesture Choir and Jennifer told a story of all the ways InterPlay is being used in our Atlanta Community!

The weather was beautiful, the company delightful and we are declaring the day a success!

Thank you to all who attended and special thanks to all of those who were able to donate to continue to support InterPlay and the important "work" they do in the world! 

Check out more pictures from this fun event at InterPlay Atlanta FB page.

In Peace and Play,

Christine Gautreaux, InterPlay Leader-In-Training


  1. Christine it was such a wonderful celebration! You are so modest in not explaining that you were the event coordinator for this and that you did a warm and loving job--very successfully. I can't believe how much our community has grown in one year! What a wonderful moment! Great job!

    1. Thanks Ruth! I am so grateful to be part of such a vibrant community and I had lots of help between Sharon, You, Wade, Lachlan, Joe and Jennifer!