Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Crossing the Street to the Pre-Trial Detention Center

Most Tuesday mornings you will find two InterPlayers crossing Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta to get to the pre-trial detention center.  There we meet up with a representative of the Public Defender's office sign in and then get an officer escort up to the fourth floor through numerous locked and monitored doors.  We make a quick stop at the third floor office to pick up our bongo drums and cd player.  

As a Licensed Master Social Worker and Certified InterPlay Leader, I am called to work with people who are oppressed and under-served.  The women in the pre-trial detention center gather with us in a small program room to tell their stories, move their bodies and find their voices.  These are women who have suffered trauma, extreme poverty, sometime homelessness and more.  InterPlay is way for them to regain a sense of their inner authority and body wisdom.  It is a way for people who have experienced trauma to re-integrate their mind, body, spirit.  

Thank you for supporting this meaningful and important work.  We appreciate you and hope you will check out this year's GIVE INTERPLAY DAY on April 7th - Support InterPlay Atlanta.

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