Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nda Ku Ona: From Fear to Promise (June 2016 InterPlay Untensive in Atlanta)

NDA KU ONA....What does it mean?
NDA KU ONA means "I SEE YOU." And is the name that Masankho Kassimi Banda and Coke Tani have named the June InterPlay Untensive that they are facilitating at the invitation of InterPlay Atlanta, and the mastermind, Jennifer Denning, along with the two other certified InterPlay Atlanta leaders, Christine Gautreaux and Ruth Schowalter.

The subtitle reveals more of the context of the way each one of us may view or SEE the other--"FROM FEAR TO PROMISE." Here are some of the questions that Masankho Banda and Coke Tani will offer for us to play/InterPlay with:
As we awaken to our shared, death-dealing legacies of racism, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant xenophobia, how can we be supported and sustained in our collective pursuit of liberation and dignity for all? 
How can we open ourselves to the truths of our power-laden separations, while also remaining open to social and spiritual medicines we bring with us into this world when we are born?

Coke Tani and Maskankho offer us these words about how they view the improvisational system of InterPlay when addressing questions of this depth:
InterPlay is a multi-disciplinary, liberating system of creative tools that invite us to bring our whole selves to this vital conversation. Using accessible, guided forms of movement, sound, story, stillness and connection—all part of our “birthright”—we not only find new ways to live with information we already have, we also discover wisdom about collective liberation that could not be realized through simply thinking or talking about it.

Coke Tani and Masankho Banda have traveled this journey of revelation of hope through many communities. Their insights revealed through the lens of InterPlay will inform, transform and create a strong platform for a future of promise.

Please join us in Atlanta for this special untensive: "Nda Ku Ona: From Fear to Promise taking place from June 3rd to June 5th! Register by April 22nd and receive an early bird discount price:$200. If you register after April 22nd, the fee is $250. 

For More Information you can email: AtlantaInterplay@gmail.com

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