Wednesday, April 6, 2016

For Jennifer Denning, InterPlay Brings Connection and Spark of Aliveness for Self and Others

Interview with Jennifer Denning, co-founder of InterPlay Atlanta by Ruth Schowalter, certified InterPlay leader
Jennifer and John. On Thursdays, when InterPlay Atlanta goes to the Friendship Center at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in east Atlanta to facilitate an hour of movement, voice, storytelling, and shaping and movement, John (right) has already arrived and is waiting for us. Jennifer reflects about her connection with John and her meaningful experiences at the Friendship Center HERE. (photo by R. Schowalter)

Thursday, April 7th is Give InterPlay Day, a 24-hour time period during which you are invited to give a financial gift to InterPlay Atlanta to support us as we bring the ease, grace, and joy of InterPlay to refugees, people who are living with chronical mental illness, and incarcerated women. (Click HERE to make your tax deductible donation)

As we approached the 2016 "Give InterPlay Day," I asked Jennifer Denning, the co-founder of InterPlay Atlanta to share her perspective on why people might consider supporting InterPlay. Below is her warm personal response to my questions.

Jennifer, why give on April 7th, Give InterPlay Day?
I was teaching InterPlay to women at Atlanta Pretrial Detention Center a few weeks ago and a participant said to me, "Jennifer, I don't know how many of these groups you do, but you should keep doing them. I didn't know how today was going to be, but now I feel good." This was after only fifteen minutes of InterPlay. Her words were such affirmation to me of the value of InterPlay. The simple and accessible forms of InterPlay create connection and joy so easily. Giving on Give InterPlay Day helps the InterPlay movement to grow in the world- bringing more connection, joy, peace and transformation!
The Atlanta Pre-Trial Detention Center. Once a week on Tuesday mornings InterPlay Atlanta visits this location to facilitate an hour of play to incarcerated women waiting trial. (photo from the web)
How will the funds raised on April 7th for InterPlay Atlanta be used?
In Atlanta, our InterPlay facilitators currently have two weekly groups that are unfunded--at the Atlanta Pretrial Detention Center and Clarkston Community Center. We also have the possibility to expand our programming. There is interest from two additional prison programs as well as a shelter for homeless women and children. Funding will allow us to grow our programming, make the work sustainable for our certified leaders and bring new leaders on board. 

Who are you in relation to InterPlay and InterPlay Atlanta?
As co-founder of InterPlay Atlanta, in 2008 I began bringing InterPlay to the Atlanta community in collaboration with long-time InterPlayer, Debra Weir. Over the last several years, I have brought InterPlay to women in prison, girls in
photo by C. Gautreaux
juvenile detention, National Alliance on Mental Illness of Georgia, the refugee community and The Friendship Center. Wherever I bring InterPlay I experience a spark of connection and aliveness (in myself and others.) Currently I am leading the Atlanta Life Practice Program and am inspired by the new InterPlay leaders who will be continuing to bring the gifts of InterPlay to the world.
CLARKSTON COMMUNITY CENTER 2015. From June to November, InterPlay Atlanta offered a free taste of InterPlay at the CCC's farmer market one Saturday afternoon a month. Here, Jennifer is shown with refugee participants who InterPlayed with us while they were waiting for their free bicycle and helmet from Communicycle. (photo by Okello Justine)

Want more information? Here are other articles about the work InterPlay Atlanta is doing:
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Thank you in advance for your financial gift to InterPlay Atlanta, which will help us continue empowering people who have been marginalized. Since InterPlay Atlanta is a non-profit, you can deduct your donation from your taxes. Donate here on April 7th: Give InterPlay Day (Atlanta InterPlay)

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