Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Easy Focus in Focused Times: Finding Balance

By Jennifer Denning

I've never been more engaged in the world then I have been in the last few years. I've signed more petitions than I can count; called my Senators; marched; donated; spoke out. My call to action comes from two veins- my increased understanding of ungoing racial injustice and the rise of Donald Trump. Cornel West's words, "Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public," have been a beacon for me these days and as I take those words into my heart and being I am fortified.

The more we risk the vulnerability to truly love our fellow humans, the more we are compelled to act. On my path vulnerability is key. Today after my movement and meditation practice I feel inside myself a deep vulnerability a bit hard to describe. There is a sense of saddness and also a sense of surrendering to the fact I have no control over the actions Donald Trump is taking. Letting those feelings be there instead of pushing them away has filled me with a deep sense of compassion and love. I relate this feeling to the InterPlay tool of "Easy Focus."

Easy Focus lets beauty in. (And we need hard focus too- like the rocks taking form.)

In InterPlay we refer to hard focus is that part of us that really needs to figure things out. Physically we might feel that as the place between our eyes that can squinch up when we are focusing really hard. We need hard focus- especially in these times. We need to focus on detail and action and understanding what steps to take in a new political climate AND if we only engage our hard focus we will burn out. Easy focus acknowledges there are some things to big for us to know only on a thinking level and sometimes we just have to do something without knowing exactly how to do it. Easy focus allows a softness into our lives. It reminds us it's ok not to know. Easy focus knows that sometimes the answers reveal themselves to us in their own time.

I'm grateful that this year brings a new InterPlay Life Practice Program to Atlanta. We will explore on a body level the tool of "Easy Focus" and the other Body Wisdom tools of the InterPlay movement. We will support each other in bringing joy and power to our lives and the work we are most meant to do in this world.

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