Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Power of InterPlay and Connection - Even as it relates to politics

Dear friends,

Tonight I was scheduled to put up a blog about our upcoming Life Practice Program and the two free information sessions we have coming up but as I sat down to type I wanted to share with you an amazing moment that happened today.

Today, Jennifer Denning and I went into the pre-trial detention center to do InterPlay with the women incarcerated there, as we have been doing every Tuesday for the past two years.  

We were playing with the form - babbling and the word prompt given was "protest."  My partner (a self proclaimed Trump supporter) excitedly told me about her protesting for Second Amendment rights and against Hillary Clinton because if she would have gotten elected she would have taken the guns away.  I held the container and just listened.

When it was my turn the word was "march."  I talked about how excited I was to go to Washington this weekend and march and stand up for women's rights and join my voice with over 150,000 other women doing the same thing.  My partner she listened.

Then it was time for noticings.  My partner shared how excited she felt that I was going to Washington and how she wished she could too, because she believes in women's rights.  I shared I felt a "unk" in my body as I listened  - She said, "Not a 2nd amendment fan?" I replied, "of course I am (I AM fromTX) the "unk" was about the myth that the Democrats/Hillary want to take your guns.  She replied, "Huh, maybe I'm wrong."  We both to a deep breath, smiled and thanked each other for being our partner.

It was a beautiful moment.

As I noticed with Jennifer later about the magic I felt in that moment I realized that InterPlay was the container that made it possible.  We had built relationship as we played together over the past 5 weeks, only for 1 hour a week, and that was the bridge for us to have this exchange.   We need to take this magic to congress!

InterPlay for the win!!

Wrapping you all around with infinite love and wisdom,


p.s.  Here's a link to our next information session about life practice:  Free Info Session at W.H.O.A. office - we'd love for you to join us!  

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